Sublime Text 2 shortcuts (for Linux)

1st December, 2013

See also "Preferences" > "Key Bindings Default/User"


Open file in project: ctrl-p
Open last closed file: ctrl-shift-t
Switch project: ctrl-alt-p
Open command menu^^Open a menu allowing you to choose from all possible commands^^: ctrl-shift-p
Toggle sidebar: ctrl-k, ctrl-b
Toggle spell check: f6
Increase/Decrease font-size: ctrl-+ / ctrl--
Toggle distraction-free mode: shift-f11
Switch to next/prev tab: ctrl-pagedown / ctrl-pageup


Select word: ctrl-d
Select matching selections: ctrl-d, ctrl-d
Skip while selecting matching selections: ctrl-d, ctrl-k, ctrl-d
Select all matching selections: alt-f3
Select line: ctrl-l
Select scope: ctrl-shift-space
Select brackets: ctrl-shift-m
Select indentation: ctrl-shift-j
Select tag: ctrl-shift-a
Select all: ctrl-a
Select auto-complete: ctrl-space


Add cursor to matching selections: ctrl-d, ctrl-d
Ignore selection while adding cursor to matching selections: ctrl-d, ctrl-k, ctrl-d
Add cursors to selected lines: ctrl-l
Add cursors all matching selections: alt-f3


Go to matching bracket: ctrl-m
Go to line: ctrl-g
Go to function/class: ctrl-r
Go to next/prev bookmark: f2 / shift-f2

Line Manipulation

Swap line up/down: ctrl-shift-up / ctrl-shift-down
Duplicate line: ctrl-shift-d
Delete line: ctrl-shift-k
Join line: ctrl-j
Indent/dedent: ctrl-] / ctrl-[
Toggle comment: ctrl-/
Toggle block comment: ctrl-shift-/ (same as "toggle comment" for me?)
Paste with correct indentation: ctrl-shift-v

Text Manipulation

Add newline after/before: ctrl-enter / ctrl-shift-enter
Delete next/prev word: ctrl-del / ctrl-backspace
Delete from cursor to end: ctrl-k, ctrl-k
Delete from cursor to start: ctrl-k, ctrl-backspace
Make uppercase/lowercase: ctrl-k, ctrl-u / ctrl-k, ctrl-l
Show completions^^Show potential auto-complete options from current cursor position^^: alt-/


Redo: ctrl-y
Soft (including selections) undo: ctrl-u
Soft (including selections) redo: ctrl-shift-u


Copy line: ctrl-c
Cut line: ctrl-x
Paste with correct indentation: ctrl-shift-v


Create/delete bookmark: ctrl-f2
Go to next/prev bookmark: f2 / shift-f2
Add cursor to bookmarked lines: alt-f2


Layout single: ctrl-alt-1
Layout columns: ctrl-alt-[2,3,4]
Layout rows: ctrl-alt-[8,9]
Layout grid: ctrl-alt-5