Efficient Takeaway

18th September, 2013


  1. Stews, curries and similar foods are enriched by remaining frozen for some time. It seems to allow the flavours to mingle, or something.
  2. Making large batches of food is far more efficient than making food on demand.
  3. Industrial production of frozen food is far more efficient than any resteraunt can hope to be.
  4. Cheap takeaway food is typically low in quality, offers poor or medicore nutrition, and can take a long time to be delivered.


Create a franchise which specialises in defrosted high-quality meals.
By being more efficent, can offer more tasty, more nutritious, faster-delivered meals at same price as bad quality takeaway.


Hire chefs who know what they are doing to figure out how to industrially produce high-quality meals that are well-suited to freezing. Focus on flavour and nutrition.

Production can happen anywhere in the world, whereever is most cost-efficient. Use fresh, quality ingredients.

Ship the frozen meals to distribution centers in metropolitan areas.

Distribution centers should be small, simple operations. Their job is re-heat the frozen meals (perhaps also offer simple accompaniments e.g. rice, bread). The idea is to remove the usual costs of running a kitchen.

Leave other options to franchise owners (choice of accompaniments, ability to customize/modify meals etc.)

Result: a food service which offers less choice than a normal takeaway restaurant (given the constraints of freezability and simple preparation), but offers better food, delivered faster, for at or lower than current prices of low-end of takeaway food.

Edit 2013/12/01: May work better as bulk food delivery service, prepare and freeze as above, deliver in bulk e.g. minimum order 10 units. Quality frozen food for lazy people. Even lower overheads.